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Rosslyn Court 4.19.jpg

Rosslyn Court


'Helen North gave a blinding performance at Rosslyn Court last night. She sings beautifully, writes great songs and she is very funny! She communicated with with the audience with ease ...not too much talk, relaxed...interesting. it was a great evening'

Rosslyn Court Facebook Page 

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Honest and Poor


'Honest indeed: Helen’s second CD has all the attributes of her live performance, in the best possible way, combined with the talents of Georgina Turner, Pip Ives and Geoff Sandiford in songs which sparkle with insight and sincerity. A reworking of Sea Glass opens the door to the title track, which reaffirms her clear understanding of maritime matters: only a genuine sailor could have penned it. Then, for me, the outstanding track: Hold On To You. It’s rightly become a signature tune, the sentiments clear-sighted, compassionate and worthy of the acclaim they are gathering. Helen’s vocal has so much strength and purity it leaves this listener awestruck. Other genres contrast delightfully: Meantime Man you’d imagine a 30s blues, The Company You Keep is a wry look at friendship with a warm smile and Winter Song reveals a reflective, deeper side. The Youngest Shantyman tickles up the ambitious novice neatly; Rest Easy is another stand-out track in which Helen’s ability to convey emotion is to the fore. If you had Helen’s work filed under ‘seafaring’, think again: here you’ll find a body of melodic songs from a writer branching out, performed with a powerfully gorgeous voice and leaving you with a host of memorable phrases which hit you when you least expect them. Riches!'

Bob Kenwood, Around Kent Folk magazine. Issue 91 Feb/March 2109

'Helen was seen to advantage on the new acoustic stage … making a big impression with a memorably clear voice and captivating lyrics' Festival organiser

HJN Kent Folk2.jpg

Helen North on BBC Radio Kent

'Thank you so much for coming into the studio last night and singing your wonderful songs.  I thought they were excellent and the time went all too quickly'

Doug Welch at BBC Kent folk


'The Midshipman’s Boast’ covered by Mick Ryan & Paul Downes

Mick Ryan and Paul Downs' album, 'The Passing Hour' opens with ‘The Midshipman’s Boast’, written by Kentish songwriter, Helen North. 'It’s a nice wish-fulfilment song with the sort of refrain that sets the audience up for the rest of the evening'


Helen North at the Dartford Folk Club

'Helen North was a great surprise to me and went down very well. It was getting back to what it should be about. Her songs were first class and what a voice, no fancy electronics just pure and simple presentation, she was indeed a find.'   Colin Searle - Dartford Folk Club


Helen North at the Faversham Hop Festival

'Helen was seen to advantage on the new acoustic stage … making a big impression with a memorably clear voice and captivating lyrics'

Festival Organiser 

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Helen North at the Swindon Folksingers Club

'Brilliant. We really enjoyed your company, songs and humour –excellent evening' Club Organiser 

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Helen North at Artists in the Woods

'Your singing raised the hearts of us poor honest fishermen!'  The Sheppey Pirates

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Helen North at Tonbridge Folk Club

'Superb evening, we enjoyed top class singing and lyrics that lap round the brain'  Bob Kenwood- Tonbridge Folk club.

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